The Writer

Hannah Alyse

I’m loud and can be vulgar. I love to write but don’t claim to be a great writer. I adore using  … and !!! when they shouldn’t really be used. I watch westerns and drink tea. My dog is my child. I don’t like people who are bothered by that… Ew. I love to dress up but also have a touch of trashy about me. I read a lot. I curse a lot. I sing a lot. Opera mostly. I have a dry sense of humor. Let’s be friends!

This Blog

I want a space to write whatever I want. No pressure for pictures and links and staying in a niche. Just writing all the time. So this is where I’ll do that. I hope you read something you like.

I should point out that when I say “Daily” what I really mean is “whenever I want”.

Also…I once received a blog award from the lovely Chelsea for this piece of work. Observe.


The more you know.


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