6 Things I Did When I Wasn’t Here

I’ve seen so many of these popping up I don’t know who to give credit to. But whoever has done these…You’re my inspiration ;)

1. I moved cross country!! Huge deal guys. I packed up my California life and transferred it to GEORGIA. Spur of the moment style. To say that I’ve been out of my mind with cultural shock and bubble wrap is quite the understatement.

2. I visited two of my absolute very best friends – who I haven’t seen in ages – in Sacramento, CA right before I moved. It was a wonderful trip full of really chill hang outs. I rode a train and ate on a boat, learned I suffer from serious motion sickness (both train & boat!), learned how to make a delicious Shepherds Pie, knit a scarf, listened to endless stories, and went RV shopping which was an eye opener.

3. I got a job!! Upon arriving in Georgia I did not have a job lined up so I hit the pavement…and got the first job I applied for. I also have school all worked out for August and I’m THRILLED.

4. I got a library card!!! This was such an exciting thing and I love the Georgia Pines system. I can pretty much have any book I want from the state of Georgia. I’m in heaven.

5. Had the most amazing zoo experience of my life. Full disclosure…zoo’s make me sad. BUT! This trip was pretty mind blowing. There was supposed to be bad weather so it was practically empty, I had the place to myself. Then I got to feed the giraffes! By far the best experience was with the sting rays. I pet AND fed them. They had a little baby ray that was just precious and a total porker that took all the food from me named Chip. I also got to see an impromptu seal demonstration in training. All the employees were so happy someone was there they would come talk to me about their animals!! Such an amazing experience!

5. I’ve been having heart failure over these southern storms. Oh. My. God. These southern storms.

6. I’ve been writing. Lots and lots. But not here, obviously. My reaction to being without the internet for longer than I can remember was to use my computer for other things…like just banging out shit in Word. It’s been ages since I’ve done that and I’m really glad now that I had all these issues with all things internet/phone related.

So, that’s what I’ve been up too. Crazy fucking adventures!! I’m finally settled and still blown away that I DID IT but everything will be back to normal now.

How have you been? Its been ages since I asked that…tell me everything!


2 thoughts on “6 Things I Did When I Wasn’t Here

  1. Holy shit girl…wow! What spurred this move (if you don’t mind me asking)? Do you know anybody in GA? How is the dog?
    Anyways, congratulations! I’m always envious of people that make such a huge change in their lives, mainly because I don’t have the balls to do it myself. And welcome back, you have been missed :)

    • I’ve wanted to try an adventurous move out of state for ages! I thought the South would be a huge difference and that’s what I was going for. I have family back here, so it wasn’t 100% terrifying…more like 87%? LOL…Poor Penny is practically having nervous breakdowns over the weather but she’s adjusting. Thank you so much for saying so!! I can’t wait to stop by your site and see what I’ve missed :) It’s good to be back!

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