Spotlight – Amber Esner & Making Mail

Have you guys heard about Making Mail? Either the documentary or the tumblr? Well, let me tell you about something super cool!

Amber Esner has a creative mail making project and if you send her your address…she will send you some AMAZINGLY FABULOUS mail. Seriously, go take a look at her past mailings.

I LOVE getting mail. And I love fun creative activities and crafts so for this girl to bring all of that together for the public – for free?!

I’m really happy people like her exist :)

She also just posted this gem below


Really…how kind is that?! Then…

I was reading on Uniqueness of Being and Fearsy was talking about a Kickstarter to raise money for a documentary being made by Michael Polk (Director) about projects like Ambers. They raised the base money they needed but, of course, we can still donate if we feel so inclined…because right now there are 16 days left!

If you haven’t used Kickstarter before…you can get some rewards for pledging money. Ones that relate to the project which is fun.

In conclusion…

It’s called mail art and it’s wonderful.

So go watch this video to see if you’re interested in supporting the Making Mail film project and then head over to Making Mail and give Amber your address!!

Have you received a piece of mail art before?!


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