Sooooooo….I was thinking about venturing into poetry again. Then I was like, well, that’s a lot. I finally remembered Haiku’s and now I’m satisfied. All I really truly have to remember when whipping these little pearls up is 5-7-5*. See, easy!

You guys, these are FUN. Seriously fun. Like, I basically speak and think in Haiku form now. Obviously that doesn’t extend to my writing here but you get the picture. I remember doing these in elementary school and not really caring but now?! I’m bringing Haiku back. To this blog at least.

Here are some to start.

love war and singing

happy sounds under fire

my throat hurts a lot


pretty pink dresses

lots of feelings together

you love me, I know


you say you will call,

how I laugh when i hear that

I won’t answer now

What do you think? Feel free to shape your comment into a small poem!

*I know all this because I researched how to write Haiku’s on eHow.


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