I Felt A Cleavage In My Mind

A poem by Emily Dickinson…


Well I had an awesome thing happen to me today.

But first – some background.

When I was a teenager I was full of bottled up teenage angst. Big surprise, who wasn’t right? But I read a poem while I was feeling all those crazy feelings that spoke to me.

Emily Dickinson wrote the poem – about the feeling of madness. It was my favorite poem of hers when I was young because it stated everything so…cheerfully…almost (I think it sounded that way mostly due to the bouncy rhythm) but it seemed so depressing in its simplicity.

Like, this poor woman is just completely LOST and can’t get her shit together.

She describes it all so matter-of-factually that it makes it almost sadder. And she describes it so well, this feeling, when everything is scattered and frantic and you just can’t make it all work.

Anyways, like I said, I loved this poem and understood it in a certain way. Which worked really well for me at the time.

Today though, I was really busy. Good busy. I had so much to prepare for and plan. There was so much to do. I felt like my mind was being stretched 50 different ways and I needed to be both creative and boring business professional. Which is always a trial, mixing the two. It was the kind of day where I know going in not everything will be accomplished…some things will be left undone.

And out of nowhere, this poem jumps into my head. This poem that used to describe an entirely different set of emotions in such a morbid way now popped into my head without any sadness. It meant something totally different to me now. It still explained exactly how I felt but in a much more lighthearted way.

Now the poem was almost laughing with me over all the things I needed to think about. It was bouncing along while I tried to remember everything and mocking me when I couldn’t even understand my notes on anything.

It was still the perfect poem for me. Today the rhythm changed and I couldn’t be happier that I can still enjoy this poem so fully.

Do you have a favorite poem? Any other written works that speak to you in a special way? Tell me about it.


2 thoughts on “I Felt A Cleavage In My Mind

  1. It’s funny, before I read your entire post, I got an impression that the poem was about someone dealing with a personality disorder. But that’s the beauty of poetry, it can be interpreted in so many ways and each person interprets it differently from other. I don’t really read poetry all that much, but usually song lyrics are the written words that speak to me the most (and I guess you can consider them poetry).
    It’s great that you had a good day.

    • Isn’t that awesome!? That’s my favorite part of poetry and music too. Really anything creative…it can be interpreted in so many ways. And all of them can still be good. You’re right! Song lyrics are just poetry to music haha…how fun. I’m on a huge poetry kick right now. We’ll see how long it lasts :)

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