FishEyedGlam – Special Announcement

Short version…

This is just to say that as much as I love having a space dedicated solely to posting all my weird written pieces…I also love glitter and tulle dresses and creating hairstyles as big as a laundry basket. FishEyedGlam is where I’ll post about all that nonsense. To those who aren’t interested…you’re welcome for not forcing it all on you here. If you’re interested in any of that than by all means take a look and we can chat about all the things we think are pretty and festive. I’m not even kidding when I say I think that sounds like a blast.



Longer Version…

A long time ago I was supposed to be a cosmetology student. My excitement knew no bounds. I wanted to be smart about my future as a freelancer in a creative field so I started FishEyedGlam. It was meant to be an imaginative outlet and portfolio for all my cosmetology miracles buuuuut….I choose to keep working on the degree I was half into instead. Whatever.

I floundered with FishEyedGlam for a long time because I wanted to write about random shit but didn’t think it fit there. It was created to be a mash-up of things I loved relating to beauty, fashion and cosmetology not book reviews. I got freaked out and did practically nothing.

My best friend Jesse and I were always sending each other shit we’d written and one day I came across the WordPress Daily Post. I got super excited and told Jesse that we should each start a blog (of the same name) to write on all the time about whatever the fuck we wanted. So we did. I started Daily Dose of Hannah and he started Daily Dose of Jesse.

He rarely writes, I guess he never really got into it, but I love the freedom this site affords me. I just write – with no pressure – about whatever I want. It’s very freeing. Also, it’s a lot of fun because of you…my active community.

I’m not complaining about what I have here. I love it. But I don’t want to muddy my clear waters right now by making this blog a complete cluster fuck of anything that pops into my mind both written and visual. That’s a bit much. It’d be funner for me (and those of you not interested) to keep this separate.

There is barely anything on FishEyedGlam right now because I did a huge cleanup of the site. I transferred things to here that didn’t belong and deleted a bunch of stupid shit. NOW its fresh.

So, yeah, that’s it. I’m getting desperate to put together some fun outfits and fawn over hairstyles so I  decided to reopen FishEyedGlam as my own visual candy shop. Come gorge with me?

Also! I don’t publicize (as of now) for this blog on my social media soooo everything is going to remain under the username FishEyedGlam.


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