A Few Thoughts On Manti Te’o’s Situation

I’m not a huge follower of sports. Normally I’d never dream of engaging in thoughts over the drama that takes place. But I’ve heard and read so much about this and two things really struck me. Keep in mind…I haven’t spent endless time studying this whole thing. I’m just sharing some thoughts that stood out to me and made an impact.

Assholes exist. They do asshole things. Because of this I wouldn’t be surprised or shocked if Manti Te’o really did participate in a disgusting hoax to create drama and popularity. Anyone with half a brain knows that grief and a troubled past seems to build great excitement among the public. (I’m referring to how on reality shows especially they love pointing out tragic experiences. Like on American Idol. When it really isn’t necessary. Her family is homeless...YES, but can she sing?!)

What did strike me was the response to all this by both the football industry and the public. I read countless times that it would be better and more preferable if he had been in on the joke (I use the term lightly) as opposed to being an idiot who got suckered. Wow.

I get where they are coming from to an extent. You have to be a little smart about these things if you want to be in the NFL. From all accounts women are constantly throwing themselves on the football players and showcasing some truly devious stunts to get what they want. You would want someone with at least a hint of paranoia about them to try to evade all this fake bullshit and the (possibly) career damaging situations.

But to actually say that you would prefer a kid (c’mon he’s young) be a complete douchebag willing to go to such lengths to make up a girls tragic death and deceive the public….that seems excessive. And kind of disturbing too.

People can learn from their mistakes. People can gain a distrusting personality. But if someone is so elaborate in their acts of deceit what does that say about them as a person? Can’t you just overlook the stupid act and train him into the man you want as opposed to trying to cover up possible future fouls.

The second thing that stood out was this. Its one thing for a person to make a bunch of shit up. It is quite another for major publications to state things without ever having checked into them. And if they say they did check into them? Well then I’m curious, if they checked into the details and believed…why is it so hard to believe that Te’o also checked those same details and believed?

I read this piece here and was blown away by all the places listed who talked about this story. Does a fact checker no longer exist? Am I to understand that they just take the word of everyone they interview and then trust that what was said is true? I think this matters because we are all prepared for lies to come from people. Usually we can look to the papers and magazines to either approve or disprove these stories. But when a story is told and then held and promoted by those we go to for information?

I’m not going to get into whether I think he knew or not. I don’t want to dwell on how either way its a really shitty situation. I’m just sad this whole thing even happened. For everyone’s sake.

This is the main article that I read. I haven’t looked into any of it further I just felt like spouting off some opinions.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – just don’t get too crazy on me.


2 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts On Manti Te’o’s Situation

  1. I think you have a great point. I do not think that journalist (who are supposed to have a neutral/unopinionated view on the topics that they write) check their facts anymore.I wonder if this whole story with Te’o would have been different if Notre Dame won.
    As a nation, we are suckers for cinderella stories (be it in sports, movies, TV shows, reality shows), so when we see someone who overcomes hardships (being homelessness, death of someone close to them, overcoming drugs, etc), we jump on their bandwagon. And because of that, the media touts that to us. And when we find out that the story is not true, we are just as quick to jump of that bandwagon.

    • I wondered that too. Its like the commercial…’its only weird if you don’t win’ or something like that. If they had won would we be more forgiving? Cinderella stories! I kept trying to remember what those are called. Sucks but its true. And we are so quick, like you point out, to jump off the bandwagon. On too for that matter. With the media…that stuff happens, I just think its important to know that it happens. I feel like I haven’t heard enough about that aspect yet. Heave. Its a lot to think about :)

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