Andy Warhol Treasures – Book Review

Andy Warhol Treasures – The illustrated story of Andy Warhol’s life and work with over 20 facsimile documents from his personal archive.


From the back…

“One of the world’s best known artists, Andy Warhol (1928-1987) exerts a powerful influence on contemporary art and culture around the world today. Packed with information about Warhol’s prolific creativity, as well as his other cultural interests, Andy Warhol Treasures follows the arc of his life. It reveals Warhol’s rags to riches progress from his early years in depression-era Pittsburgh to his success as an illustrator in New York City in the 1950’s and his transformation into notorious pop artist, underground filmmaker, author, publisher, collector, recorder and iconic celebrity.”

Its been ages since I bought this amazing book Andy Warhol Treasures. I LOVE interactive and hands on books but have a weird thing where I don’t want to mess anything up. So I didn’t take advantage of all the cool stuff it offered. Pfft….I finally got over that!

If you’re a fan of Andy Warhol’s art (or at least interested in him personally) than this book will rock your socks off. It has tons of informative stuff separated by years and is PACKED WITH PICTURES of his art. But the best thing about it is it gives you really fun extras like stencils and recreated letters and some little books of doodles that he did.


Normally I don’t like to get weird about all this fake shit. Like ‘Oh, god (heavy breathing) I have a fake movie stub from when he went to that movie’. Ew. But coupled with the book the extra’s add a sense of…connection, I guess. When you see the get well card from Edie after his shooting or the note that Warhol sent to Truman Capote it’s way better than just reading what was said. It makes it all more real.

These aren’t just random add-ons. The facsimile documents are from his time capsule boxes which are now housed at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

While I love how bright and fun his pieces are …I don’t have illusions about Warhol as a person. I think he was a creeping asshole. But (confession) this is mostly because I formed an opinion when I watched and fell in love with Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl. Guy Pearce did such a fantastic job in that movie I think. I do enjoy reading about him as an artist though. What was his creative process like? Was it all just a big joke on the public? Did he actually care about anything?!

Its hard to think of his work as wild or new. Today his art is so heavily recreated and dare I say, common, that it slips my mind that there was ever a time when this was new and stirring. When what he did was a bit revolutionary. When his personality alone was worthy of celebrity simply for being so eccentric.

Like I said…I do have a soft spot for his art. I think my favorite little book was In The Bottom Of My Garden and his Beethoven (1987) is the best to look at.

If you’re at all interested in the artist this book is for you.

Do you like Andy Warhol’s work?



8 thoughts on “Andy Warhol Treasures – Book Review

  1. I too think he was a creepy (and my impression was based solely on the Jim Morrison biography by Stephen Davis). But he was iconic and so was his art.

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