Things I Love Thursday & Goodsearch


I shared some info when I first discovered Goodsearch but I wanted to share again (briefly). This quick video below explains it all pretty well…

If that doesn’t work watch it here – What is Goodsearch?

I’m just over $3 in and I’m still loving the idea of it. I haven’t actually used the GoodDining or made an online order yet (shopping hiatus) but those options are available too. I also recommend getting the toolbar add-on (its free, that makes it sound like it costs or something) so that when you’re shopping anywhere online you know exactly how much money can go to your charity if you use that store. Which is encouraging.

Basically check it out because it’s the best way I’ve found of doing virtually nothing and helping a good cause at the same time! Which is really convenient.

No one I’ve talked to even knew about it before I brought it up so I’m curious about other peoples experience with it. Have you tried using Goodsearch before? Do you use it now? Let me know what you think about it.

ALSO I’m looking to switch charities so if you have any suggestions on a great cause to support…tell me!


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday & Goodsearch

  1. I never heard of Goodsearch before. But it’s a great concept. I definitely have to check it out. As far as charities go: I would definitely donate to ASPCA (I’m actually thinking of volunteering this year), Stand Up to Cancer, and for my own personal reason – Endometriosis Foundation of America.

    • It is a really awesome concept. I do love the ASPCA and the Endometriosis Foundation of America seems like a great specific non profit! I like when its a bit specific as opposed to super broad, I feel like more is getting done I guess. Remember if they don’t have the one you want listed you can add it yourself. I tried this with 28 Too Many but they’re located in the UK so it didn’t work. As of right now Goodsearch only works with US non profits.

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