For Your Entertainment…6 Awesome Musicals

Having been raised on all the film classics I spent a lot of my youth watching musicals. Since I adored little more than belting out songs as a kid this was cool with me and I’ve carried the appreciation with me into adulthood. For a GREAT musical I like 3 things to be top notch-Fashion, Story & of course the music! Yes, the fashion is super important! You thought the music was most important?!  Here are my top picks that meet the standards :)

  (You can watch the trailer by clicking the title)

1. April In Paris – The main guy in this is Ray Bolger who played…SCARECROW in The Wizard of Oz!! How cool is that?! Pair him with Doris Day and we have a hit. I lovelovelove this clumsy little romance. Keep an eye out for the slap scene, it’s a beauty! I also love how this movie deals with sex. They are desperately trying to have it but can’t and it’s so subtle compared to more modern films. Hilarious and romantic this is a super awesome musical!

2.Seven Brides For Seven Brothers– This movie has a dance off. For real, it doesn’t get much cooler than a dance off set at a barn raising. I remember LOVING this movie as a kid, running around shouting “Bless Your Beautiful Hide”  & “Sobbin’ Women” at any opportunity and wanting to be Millie so badly. The music, fashion, & story are off the hook! Whatever that means…and I loooove Howard Keels baritone! Swoon.

3. White Christmas I love watching this movie as much as listening to it. The fashion is AMAZING!! I love the cast & characters too. The story is adorable and I LOVE THE MUSIC. I watch this regardless of the holiday season and can’t imagine a Christmas without it. This is a fun show.

4. Phantom Of The Opera- Pure magic. I can’t get enough of all of it! I am in raptures over the soundtrack. The fashion and cinematography make my heart flutter and Gerard Butler & Emmy Rossum….there are no words. I am in love with them and their voices. I know there was some criticism over the choice of cast but don’t listen! They are perfection. I’m getting chills just thinking of the music :)

5. Grease- I’m sure you’ve seen this so there isn’t much to say…its a fun & stylish ride with the perfect station playing. Ha, no joke, I had the screenplay to this and would read it over and over…in my 4th grade class. Bahaha good times!

6. Calamity Jane- I adore westerns and this has a good amount of old west in. I also love showgirl outfits and again Howard Keels baritone so…this is definitely on my list of favorites. Doris Day never made a bad movie :) I love her as Calamity Jane because its such a tomboy character for her.

So these are my favorites, what are yours?


2 thoughts on “For Your Entertainment…6 Awesome Musicals

  1. Out of the six that you listed, I had only seen Grease and Phantom of the Opera. Love both. Boy was I surprised when I discovered that it was Gerard Butler in the role of the Phantom. I loved the movie so much, I even bought the soundtrack. And Grease is a classic!

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