Die Frau Lernt Deutsch or The Woman Is Learning German

I’ve wanted to learn French for as long as I can remember. There is no other language that sounds so simultaneously cheesy and classy. Trying to take a class in college I learned that maybe it wasn’t for me since I could only remember small phrases and exclamations. I left it alone.

While browsing blogs a bit ago I came across a post by Love, Maegan titled Learn A Language For Free & Help Translate The Internet. Needless to say…I jumped on that shit. I watched the Tedx video which was over 17 minutes long (!), created an account and got started with learning French. Turns out, I STILL SUCK. I failed every time they asked me to repeat anything.

In a fit of rage (draaaama) I switched the language to German. And was a natural. That’s right, I picked up German like a champ! You’re probably thinking this has disappointed me. Don’t.  I’m super excited about this new development! I’ve learned some fun stuff (not limited to the title of this post) and can’t wait to learn more.

I also love the community aspect offered. It’s kind of a Facebook for people learning. You find others learning the same language as you and chat (preferably in said language). Promotes fun times I’m sure. They even email you reminders to practice if you want which I love.

I jumped on this because the idea behind Duolingo is fucking mind-blowing. I don’t usually watch those kinds of videos but I’m so glad I did. The things people think of and make a reality…WOW. Really though, I did this for purely selfish reasons. The program is wonderful. I’m learning a language quicker than ever before. (Technically I haven’t even translated anything yet, but still.)

The beauty of this program is that no matter how selfish your motives in joining…you’re still helping people. How awesome is that?!

I highly suggest watching this video to see how amazing this all is and THEN quickly set up an account to start learning a new language!! If anyone signs up for German lets practice together.

Update- Oh god, I totally haven’t been utilizing this amazing resource lately. I need to get back to it! Fuck, my attention span is so…SQUIRREL!


4 thoughts on “Die Frau Lernt Deutsch or The Woman Is Learning German

  1. I took French for three years in high school, Spanish for three years before that. Out of both languages I only remember few sentences, words, verb variations. I’ll definitely check the website out. Thanks.

    • Ah! I took Spanish in high school and now I can only say I’m sorry. (There’s a reason I only know that haha) Yeah, check it out its a great program. I think they offer more languages now too but I know they have French and Spanish if you wanna rekindle the flame.

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