My New Favorite Thing


Since we moved into apartments, Penny Lane doesn’t have a yard to run around in anymore. Add to that the fact that our neighborhood no longer screams ‘fun place to walk!’ and you get me and Penny Lane spending lots of time in parks.

The best park has oodles of ducks hanging out by the water (lake?) and I’ve taken to feeding them. I wouldn’t have thought that throwing bread to a bunch of noisy ducks could be so relaxing. But it totally is. The water and surrounding areas are so beautiful and I can just sit on a bench under one of those weeping trees and methodically toss bread.

b6ac43da57c511e2b19622000a1f9d89_7(I also love taking lots of pictures of them…and then doing this.)

Poor Penny is practically beside herself with grief watching all the food going to those ducks, the little porker, but she behaves.

Its become one of my favorite things.

While it is usually a peaceful experience we do get some drama. Like that big duck up top…he’s pretty sassy. Until we met I had no idea that ducks had teeth. Or that they hissed. But apparently both these things are true. He sneaks up behind me (when did he leave the water?!) and starts flapping his wings like a little drama queen. Hissing at me and scaring the smaller ducks away. I can’t tell if he’s showing off or actually being a dick so I just laugh. Let’s hope its the former!


2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Thing

  1. That’s really great, although I would probably run around scared shitless if a duck did that to me :) How is Penny Lane with the duckies? Is she trying to chase them?

    • Oh god, I jump out of my skin every time, he’s ridiculously fucking sneaky! Penny Lane behaves shockingly well considering the one thing she almost always tries chasing are birds. Once she did an excited little jump and bark combo and none of the ducks took off and wouldn’t come near us haha! But that’s it. Other than begging for the bread she’s perfect :)

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