The Benefit Of Being An Adult #1

It’s easy to forget amongst all of the shitty adult stuff in our day-to-day just how awesome it is to be an adult person. (As opposed to an adult cat?) Like when I’m paying bills or  sharing I can say “Well, thank God I can drink now.” Oh wait, I did that as a kid too. Damn. Anyways…this is just to remind myself (and you?) how much fun this can all be.

#1 Age doesn’t matter.

You know when you’re young how age is so often a thing? Like if a friend is 2 years younger than you when you’re 17 that makes a pretty big difference. Or you’re dating/sleeping with someone who’s 18 but you’re 16 and people are crying sexual deviancy? Oh, the drama! All over 2 measly years?!

But now? As an adult? Pffft. I laugh in the face of those two years and I’ll raise that gap by 36. That’s right.

I can now have a fabulous bond with someone 38 years my senior. Not an ‘Oh, this person is my mentor or parent figure’ bond but a genuine ‘Holy fuck, one of my absolute best friends in the world is 62 years old’ bond.

How exciting is that?

Now it’s about experiences and lifestyles and personalities and feelings.

There doesn’t have to be weirdness about what groups to join or who you connect with.This opens up so many more possibilities. No longer being limited to a certain age group in a certain place. We are just…ADULTS. Together.

This also applies to dating. For instance…I can currently speak with intent *wink* to a 35-year-old man and no one is cringing. A far cry from when I was 17. Hallelujah.

Yes, some people will still judge, but age isn’t important. We all lead such different lives and reach all levels of maturity that one of the last things we should be looking at is a physical age. Maybe a spiritual age. Or an emotional age.

We should consider “How old are you?” a question for minors.

So enjoy your freedom to bestow love (of any variety) on whoever the fuck you want. Because you’re an adult you lucky shit! Take advantage.


5 thoughts on “The Benefit Of Being An Adult #1

  1. Another benefit of being an adult: you can do whatever the hell you want and no one has the right to tell you otherwise (especially not your parents).

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