My First Real Camping Trip

Reposting because it’s finally cold here in California and I would rather be camping. This is from summer. Sweet summer…

So I have this friend who’s family is big into camping. Every year she asks me on at least 5 trips. I always create some kind of excuse because she couldn’t bear the truth- that someone wouldn’t be interested in camping. It’s been hard. Anyways, I knew I was moving soon and so when she asked this last time I surprised everyone (including myself) by saying YES.

No one thought it would really happen but I showed up bright and early with my hugely inappropriate luggage packed full of completely useless items. It was going to be awesome.

I learned there is a lot of work to putting up/taking down a campsite. This was certainly not glamping or whatever the hell people do. It was savage. Steph’s dad insisted we chop wood (that woodpile in the pic…all me & Steph!), there were bathrooms that I won’t even speak of here, and I’m pretty sure there was a mountain lion screaming his outrage in the wee hours of the night. And by wee hours I mean at like midnight. Because you’re already in bed by that time when you’re camping.

But there was also a lot of fun stuff. I went fishing for the first time in my life and caught some kind of polka dot trout. No one else caught a fish the whole week and it was my first time which = impressive. I (who spent years as a vegetarian) was so ashamed of myself I sent the poor little guy back and missed my opportunity to show everyone. Good thing I knew I was a big deal.

I spent the week hiking, fishing, roasting hot dogs/s’mores, chopping wood, slathering myself in bug spray and covered in dirt. Turns out I’m a huge fan of camping.

It needs to be said that I lived in Yosemite National Park for 3 years and never spent a night in the  true wilderness. I know, its crazy right? I managed to stay in high heels and dresses the whole time :) Having lived in such a beautiful place as Yosemite, I was not prepared to be so in awe of the canyon we camped in. It was magnificent! These pictures don’t nearly do the place justice so hopefully on my next excursion I’ll take time to snap more photos. Yes, next camping trip, I can’t wait to get back out there!

What about you, have you been camping? Do you love or hate it?


4 thoughts on “My First Real Camping Trip

  1. I used to go camping three times a year when I was in high-school (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day). Although, the camping trips consisted of setting up tents on a huge camping ground (that was fully occupied by other campers). At that time, these trips were exciting because I was able to get away from the parental units for 3 days (and these trips usually involved drinking). Today, I don’t know how I feel about camping, since it’s been so long. But I’m glad that you enjoyed your camping trip.

    • Oh my gosh that sounds fabulous! I’m amazed by people (like you) who were raised with it. It was so new to me. And YES to the drinking being an exciting element to the whole thing, even at my legal age haha! Sounds like it was fun for you too. Thanks.

    • I completely understand! I was terrified when I went. I’m still such a girl about the whole thing but I let myself get crazy on that trip and it was wonderful :) But ONLY on that trip LOL, on the way home I was already back to my old self. Try it! With a fun group of people who aren’t too serious about the whole thing. Thanks for stopping by!

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