Photo A Day Challenges


Okay, so here’s the thing. I love the idea of Photo A Day challenges. Or the seemingly bigger 365 projects. I really really wanna do them. But I never do. In fact, I rarely take pictures. I only think of it when huge shit is happening but I’m hugely envious of people who shoot everything. And I do mean everything.

This brings to mind a lot of the shit talk on Instagram. Lots of real photographers get riled about the shitty quality of the photos and the apparent view of every instagramer (?) that they are an actual photographer. Pfft.

It’s been said many times in response and I agree; There is something wonderful about all the coffee shots and nail art and the cats. Oh, the fucking cats. They are truly in abundance, ya? Its about catching the little moments.

It’s not so much about the snaps of clouds or a glass of wine or clasped hands in themselves, its about remembering those clouds and that wine and when you held hands.

I live life in a frenzied state of presentness. I forget that one day I won’t remember when I was gifted that sequin nutcracker. I forget that the joy of holding hands can fade or that I could forget a dear face and seeing it is remembering. Which can bring present joy. How awesome is that? It’s like I’ll be storing up encouragement to my future present.

Yeah, most pictures on Instagram are shit and/or redundant but for that person they meant something special, I hope. And the Photo A Day challenges help do the same. You can look back later and remember how you interpreted a certain prompt. What caught your eye and stole your heart that day. How life was for you during that season.

I’ve had crazy haircuts that I have no photos of. I’ve lived in houses and new cities and had no photographic evidence. I’ve dated and somehow have zero pictures of people I loved. WTF. How did I let this happen?!

I’m putting a stop to it. I want to remember everything but mostly the good stuff. However small it may seem to me at the moment…I’m taking a fucking picture. I’m going to make photographing things a habit. I will be that bitch with the phone constantly at the ready. And one day I’ll look back and actually remember. That’ll be new and wonderful.

So I’ll try the Photo A Day challenge. Actually try. I’ve set up daily alarms and am already thinking ahead to some prompts trying to get excited about this. I already know that I’ll miss days and I’m good with it. But I’ll finally start thinking in terms of remembering and that is awesome.

So here’s to the shitty photos of seemingly ridiculous things of this year, 2013. I can’t wait to see you.

What are your thoughts about all this? And has anyone actually finished a full photo challenge?!

PS: My first picture for all this was of the fucking laundromat. But I’m telling you it was so fancy it deserved some recognition ;)


5 thoughts on “Photo A Day Challenges

  1. Yes!!!! I love that you’re doing this, and if I weren’t three days late I’d totally do it myself. Maybe I’ll just start anyway, or try to take a photo every day and bank on February for the FMS challenge. Anyway, I’m completely with you; it feels like somewhere along the lines pure and simple picture-taking (not photography, but picture-taking) disappeared because it wasn’t professional enough. My point-and-shoot camera is quite dated and the pictures it takes are so much less attractive than the ones all the bloggers with DSLRs have. And while I wish my pictures turned out better so that my memories could be clearer, when did it become so taboo to work with what we’ve got? I say capture the special moments, big and small, in any way you can, and celebrate them!

    • Do it!! It’ll get you in the habit for February :) Oh my gosh Casee. YES. You’ve explained it so much better than I could. I notice it a lot in the blogging community…it seems like on every list for good blogging is “great photos” with keeping them even, using good light and whatnot. I think that can be good but I know it’s NOT what I look for in a blog. It adds an unrealistic pressure I think. We just need to get back to having fun and sharing with friends. Your pics look great :) and even if they aren’t professional your writing sure is! I think the key is, if you’re interested in someone, you don’t see the low quality or simplicity of the picture, you just see what you’re interested in. If that makes sense. Anyways I loved this, thanks for commenting!

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