2013 New Year Resolutions

There are two things that I believe can help you accomplish any wild number of resolutions. One is to be either really specific or really vague in what you list.

The other is to already have some that are “accomplished”. This is probably the most important. Take me for instance…I knew I wanted to start running for the new year so I started the C25K program awhile back. That way when I say I wanna run everyday it’s not completely out of left field.

Also small things like if you’re a vegetarian then you can add a resolution that says – Don’t eat animals-…Congrats! You’re already there!! God, you’re gooooood. Don’t you feel GOOD already?!

Here goes for me…

*become a homemade pizza making master * knit circular shapes

* audition * finish school *  apply for the 2014 World Race 

*volunteer with the red cross (phlebotomy) * paint those fucking desks

* organize an entire fundraiser for an awesome charity

* write everyday * move out of california to settle somewhere

* run a 5k * get back to multiple sources of income

*start a podcast * become one with my konica fs-1 

* read the entire bible * complete my goodreads goal of books in a year

* finish a book * participate in nanowrimo

* go full on female drag queen for a night * keep up with duolingo

Just call me Lady Willpower…this shit is getting dooooone. Or might be already…who knows… What do your resolutions look like? Do you have a technique for making them realistic? Tell me all about it! 


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