I Got Concussed? And Just Go To The Hospital

Wow. I’ve been gone for a bit…with good reason though, I MOVED! Yay for me. It was actually pretty epic. Prepare yourself for a story of pure stupidity.

The move was to a two story and using professional movers is for amateurs so we moved everything ourselves. Pfft. No biggie, we thought.

Looking back I see this choice is what determined how my week has gone. I smacked the ever living shit out of my head guys. I was in desperate need of a break from hauling dressers FULL OF CLOTHES up two flights of stairs, so when someone offered me a cracker (I know, right?) I jumped for it. Literally. And hit my head in a way that startled me enough to fall back on the stairs.

If this seems like an embarrassing story, that’s because it is. But it gets worse.

I was smart enough to know it was bad but we still had like, half a truck to unload, so I kept moving shit.

That night I legitimately thought that I might die. But did I go to the emergency room? Nope.

The next morning I took my dog on her morning walk and my nose felt gross…it was bleeding.

Listen up. I’ve seen Greys Anatomy. I knew what was happening. I was dying. BUTwas I really?! That couldn’t possibly be happening. Must be a coincidence.

Believe it or not…there was still shit to move. So, I moved it.

When I wanted to go to the ER that night I was like “Oh, BUT, that seems so dramatic, Monday is right around the corner and I can see my doctor. She’ll know what to do.”

So I waited for my regular doctor knowing she would tell me I was being a drama queen (she loves telling me that) and that I was fine. But inside, I was really scared. And nauseous.

Monday rolls around, I get an appointment and she’s concerned.

Side-note: The worst thing for a doctor to do is demonstrate fear or confusion.

This made me concerned. I mentioned the bloody noses (yes, plural) and she gets worked up. So…I get worked up. She starts mentioning words like brain and hemorrhage right next to each other and *I’m not positive but I may have cried for a minute.

So, this whole scene was really stressful for me and sometimes in stressful situations like this I panic and start making shit up to make myself feel less like I might die. So I immediately start trying to backtrack from the bloody nose thing.

DR:”You need a CAT scan…I don’t know about this nose bleed thing…I’m going to call __ because they may know something…YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE HOSPITAL…”

ME: “Oh, well, you know, these things happen all the time I’m sure right?!” *nervous laugh*

DR: “WHAT? No, why? DO THEY? Does your nose bleed often?!”

ME: *panicking* “Uhhhhhhhh…YEAH, sure, uhhm, sometimes I get them when, you know , that time, gosh! All those times…”

Do you see how sad this whole thing is? Tragic.

She says she’s ordering me a CAT scan and leaves me in the room so she can consult with other doctors. I take this time to text everyone I know that I love them because either outcome, it seemed smart. Actually this whole 45 minutes of waiting was spent in weepy outreach. FML.

But it turns out I’m fine. Well, as fine as one can be after this situation I guess. I had waited too long to see a doctor. They couldn’t tell me why my nose was bleeding. It was a concussion. I had waited too long to see a doctor. I know I said that already but its the most important.

Save yourself lots of stress and embarrassing tears and texts and conversations. GO TO THE DOCTOR. Even if it means being the idiot in the Emergency Room with no real injury.

Especially if it involves your head. Seriously guys, that shit is serious no matter what.

So now you know. I’m actually super stupid. And all for a cracker break.

*I completely missed the “possible” part.

Also, I know this writing is shit, but give me a break…I’ve had a concussion! And I’m offering good advice :)


2 thoughts on “I Got Concussed? And Just Go To The Hospital

  1. Ha…you’re like me when it comes to doctors. Last year when I ended up at the hospital and was waiting to find out what is happening to me…I went through the same embarrassing texts and tears. And no worries, your writing isn’t shit :)

    • Bahaha! Yep, we do sound alike. OMG, I’m still hearing back about those texts from people who think I’m dying. I hope everything was okay for you too? And stop, I’m blushing! No really, I love it, thanks for saying so :)

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