Working From Home & Chair Yoga

Lots of people write about all the ways to keep focused & productive working from home. As someone who works from home, I can say that I do my best to implement them. One of my biggest upsets is that I feel like I sit all day. I take random opportunities to stand and move around while working but still…I’m always on my ass.

Browsing After 9 To 5 (awesome blog) the other day I was reading Ashley’s  tip on the stand-up desk & looked at the infographic she linked to…wow. While I’d love to gush about what drama queens the maker of this infographic appear to be…I can’t. Sitting for such long periods of time is gross. And now it’s murdering us too. FML.

In other news I’ve been trying out yoga. So far its fabulous! I feel stretched and a whole lot less gross. Once I read up on how sitting was killing me I tried to think of a way to be less sedentary while working because I’m not going down without a fight. Are you ready for it? Chair Yoga.

That’s right…chair yoga. You do yoga moves & breathing while sitting in a chair. (It was so obvious I had to explain.) If your laughing your sitting ass off right now, know that I did too. But then I came to grips with the fact that sitting and doing something physical has to be better than just sitting.

So now, when I’m looking at my computer for any amount of time not actually typing but more thinking, I bust out  a chair yoga move. I also do them while working on a creative project or on the phone (because I’m always on the phone/computer). They’re slow, peaceful and pretty zen inducing. I feel like it kills two birds with one stone (eww..I’m sorry I said that) because it helps me think clearer and maintain posture. If nothing else I’m working on my core and proper breathing. Yay!

So yes, while chair yoga is mostly used with senior citizens, it’s pretty fantastic for people who spend most of the day on their ass. I highly recommend! I also sit on one of those workout balls too sometimes because I feel like the bouncing helps me think. I can’t be expected to sit perfectly still with good posture all the time.

Here’s a link to chair yoga poses. And here’s a video.  Its also great if you have any kind of disability keeping you from moving about. So check it out and let me know what you think.

PS: How much do you love my stick figures? A lot I’m guessing…more to come ;)

What do you do to keep from just sitting all day?


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