Top Ten Books I’d Recommend As Good Beach Reads

I’m in the process of moving some of my previous pieces onto this blog. I’m moving them by theme because…well, why not? So this theme is …. BOOKS! Here are a few posts on books or reviews I wanted here. Hope you enjoy. If you’ve already read them, uhhh, read them again or check back later, I’ll be posting fresh content again soon :)

This is from a link up with The Broke and the Bookish. An amazing site for book lovers!


1. Stupid And Contagious – I feel like I put this on every list but that’s because it’s THAT GOOD. You can read my review here.

2. Agnes And The Hitman – Absolutely HILARIOUS. Every page has humor. Then there’s the mystery and romance. Perfection.

3. Can You Keep A Secret? – If you loved Shopaholic you will love this book. I crack up just reading the back!

4. Fashionably Late – A cute beach read…covers the important things; fashion & love. Well, important for a beach read anyway ;)

5. Eccentric Glamour: Creating An Insanely More Fabulous You – This book. I don’t think I read a single page without laughing and learning something new. It covers everything fashion and personality with humor and blunt speaking.


6. 20 Times A Lady – This is such an amazing book. The movie they made called “What’s Your Number?” was horrible. Delilah Darling is such a wonderful character and the journey to find all of the men she ever slept with is fabulous. This had everything I want for an easy read.

7. Dangerous Angels – Such a beautifully descriptive book!! Very airy and light with so many wonderful words. Wonderful words because I feel like every word she chooses makes me feel something. It’s insane.

8. Front Row – This is a book about Anna Wintour. If you would be interested in knowing anything about her (and how could you not be?! The woman is a powerhouse!) then this book is for you. Where better to read about someone who seems so unrelaxed than when you are relaxed? Exactly.

9. A Total Waste Of Makeup – Chick Lit at it’s best. Fluffy and fun. I liked all of the characters and it kept me reading. Not life changing which is nice sometimes.

10. Leaving Unknown – Maeve goes on a road trip to all the towns across the USA with weird names. I had a blast traveling with her and loved reading her story. There were some serious moments and humorous moments. I give it an A…

Have you read any of these books? What books would you recommend?

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’d Recommend As Good Beach Reads

    • *Gasp* Be still my heart! But really, Chelsea, this is THE COOLEST THING EVER. I totally don’t deserve it but you’ve made me ecstatic with your choice. This is my first award situation and therefore will always be my absolute favorite. (assuming this ever happens again, but I’m completely satisfied if it doesn’t) It’s that good for me ;)

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