Frankenstein & Lynd Ward Illustrations

I’m in the process of moving some of my previous pieces onto this blog. I’m moving them by theme because…well, why not? So this theme is …. BOOKS! Here are a few posts on books or reviews I wanted here. Hope you enjoy. If you’ve already read them, uhhh, read them again or check back later, I’ll be posting fresh content again soon :)

Frank1 I am a HUGE fan of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  Anyways…I used to haunt Barnes and Nobles like nobodies business and on one such trip I came across an absolutely amazing book on the bargain shelves. BARGAIN SHELVES! It was a hardcover copy of Frankenstein illustrated by Lynd Ward. Ward is known for doing “woodcut” engraving illustrations. I was fascinated but didn’t have the money on me to purchase the book.

When I came back the next week the whole pile was gone ( a lot of people with amazing taste had been shopping) and it took an insane amount of help from the bookstore staff and the special search computer and the regular Internet to find a copy and have it sent to me. Worth it I tell you! I have now gone on another “Find Frankenstein” adventure to try to find where YOU can pick up a copy if you find yourself interested I even found the hardcover (which is fabulously textured and in my humble opinion has a better cover than the paperback) for a BARGAIN PRICE! Yay!

Observe…the art/style of Ward. I would show more but the pictures don’t do his work justice. There are, I believe, 64 drawings in this edition. This isn’t my normally favored style of illustration at all but in context with Frankenstein…it fits perfectly. It has the classic Gothic feel to it and seems somehow bright and dark all at the same time. Wonderfully heartbreaking just like the creatures story.

Read more about Lynd Ward on this wiki page. I couldn’t find an artist website to save my life :) But check out his work its beautiful.


Funny story…I was watching How I Met Your Mother (one of the best shows EVER) and there was an episode talking about why Ted was annoying to be around. They did a quick flash of some times he was annoyingly correctful (not a word) and in the scenario they used, Robin and Ted are watching Frankenstein…

Robin: OMG is Frankenstein going to kill those people?!

Ted: Actually that’s not Frankenstein, that’s the Creature…Frankenstein is the Doctor/Creator.

Okay so that’s not verbatim but you get the idea. I am totally Ted in that scene! I always hear people call the creature Frankenstein and inform them of the truth. I was cracking up watching that…Guess I’m THAT GIRL.

Are you a fan of Frankenstein or do you find it a horrible waste of time? From what I hear it’s one of those love or hate books. Which category do you fall in?


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