7 Reasons Blind Dates Are A Fabulous Idea

This is part of a dating series I was running on another site…its being moved here so that I can continue it with everything in one place. Enjoy!blinddate

So, your friends and family want to set you up with someone right? And you think this is a horrible idea! What good could possibly come from a blind date? I’ve made a list for you…spoiler- it’s pretty much win-win.

1. Go for the pure curiosity of finding out what you friends/family really think of you. Who they send you on a blind date with is someone they feel you might be able to spend the rest of your life with…let that one sink in while looking at the person across the table on your date. This doesn’t say a lot…it says everything. It’s time to find out who really knows you.

2. So your parents are dying to set you up with someone but you keep saying no because you’ve been secretly kinda’ sorta’ seeing someone already. Plus, what do they know? But then you and your guy/girl get in a fight and so you agree to the blind date and….it’s the same person! This has actually happened before…you’ve seen Gidget right?!

3. If the date isn’t the right person for you, maybe you can take advantage of the situation. Like see that movie that no one else will see with you or go to that place (like a party your Ex is at) that it’d be embarrassing to go alone but hey, now you’re not alone… you’ve got your surprise date to keep you company! And you still don’t have to see them ever again.

4. Maybe you aren’t compatible for a relationship but are great together as friends. One day you can both look back and laugh that so-and-so ever thought you’d be able to sleep together.

5. Or, maybe you have nothing in common but stellar chemistry and can keep each other company (you know, company) until the real deal comes along…

6. You could actually be perfect together and you might never meet this person unless you just go on the blind date! If you’ve been looking long enough this gamble makes total sense.

7. The stories. Oh, the stories you could come back with. If nothing else sounds worth it then just go so you have something to share/mock/laugh/cry/cringe about with friends. Because we could all use a little more drama in our lives :)

There they are. Some reasons a blind date is a fabulous idea! Do you have any blind date stories?! I’d love nothing more than to hear them. If you can think of another reason to convince someone to go on one let me know…


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