Stupid & Contagious – Book Review

I’m in the process of moving some of my previous pieces onto this blog. I’m moving them by theme because…well, why not? So this theme is …. BOOKS! Here are a few posts on books or reviews I wanted here. Hope you enjoy. If you’ve already read them, uhhh, read them again or check back later, I’ll be posting fresh content again soon :)

Stupid&CStupid and Contagious. Here, for your reading pleasure, is a book review of the delightful Caprice Crane book which has made it’s way into my top 10 fave books. The name had me intrigued and I couldn’t be happier that I randomly came across and purchased Stupid and Contagious. Don’t you LOVE when that happens. Completely by chance you run across a book that under any other circumstances you wouldn’t look twice at and it turns out to be life changing.

This book is about the two main characters Heaven and Brady and the messes they get into.The story bounces back and forth between both of their perspectives sometimes rehashing the exact same scenario. This is a very tricky process for an author to pull off. You can imagine how boring something could be if you were reading the same little snippet from two boring peoples viewpoints yes? The reason this form worked so well here is quite simple. Brady and Heaven are anything BUT boring characters. The scene being played out takes on twice the humor due to the  constant  rehashing from these hilarious individuals.

Though it would appear to be a funny romance novel for the ladies, this book can be just as appreciated by men as women. This is in thanks to both Brady and the sort of humor used. I have loaned my book to Jesse (who LOVED reading it) and he has passed the book along to his friends. All who find it peeyourpantsfunny.

Heaven (an out of work PR girl making time as a horrible waitress) and Brady (a young man with a new idea every minute trying hard to break into the record label industry) are new neighbors who due to conflict in personalities (read: eccentric personalities) set sparks off at first run-in. Of course the story pans out that the angry/annoyed chemistry soon turns to a different kind of chemistry all together. The fact that you know they will get together at the end doesn’t diminish the story at all. The journey to their togetherness is all the fun. The situations these two find themselves in are too numerous to count. Every interaction between them and the amazing secondary characters keeps you turning the pages until the book is done and you find yourself randomly thinking of certain one-liners in your day to day.

This story is crammed full of music talk, road tripping, troublesome Ex’s, weird friends, junk food references, invention ideas, and a lovely little relationship keeping pace with the all out crazy that is Stupid and Contagious. Give it a read and let me know how you like it. I can’t recommend it enough!!


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