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Life has been CRAZY lately. Even though I didn’t finish my novel in 17 days (soul. crushed.) I have been busting out a book. Without giving anything away…it requires a lot of research…which, obviously is time consuming. And keeps me on the internet for even longer periods than usual.

Anyways, while researching, I came across the incredible goodsearch. A Yahoo powered search engine trying to help us save the world. Which of course required more research to make sure this was legit. It seems it is. For every search you do…a penny is donated to your charity of choice. If you, like me, are suspicious of where exactly this $$$ is coming from – ADVERTISERS. It also works as a sort of eBates but instead of the money coming to you…a percentage of your online purchase is donated. Again, to your charity of choice.

Could this be any more awesome?! Yes…because it also gives donations based on the money you spend dining out. Whaaat? I’ve decided this is the easiest way to donate money to a cause you care about. Pennies add up and searching is free. So go learn random shit on the internet to save a whale or something.

Back to researching again. One of my favorite things about spending time on the web are the amazing trails that you can wind up on. I start by googling  goodsearching the history of a Konica FS-1 and somehow, through a series of links and side attractions end up learning how to make a hat at The Hat Academy. That’s how I like it. The point is though….I end up in some random but oh so interesting places. That’s why I love when people do link lists. Because its just a quick way to end up on some of the winding trails that someone else traveled. And its usually really cool stuff I’m glad I’m finding. Oh, the places research leads.

Some things that have been keeping me highly entertained on the internet lately…

I finally saw What A Way To Go….annnnd holy shit, I LOVED IT. This is my favorite scene.

A project that is so fabulous I can’t imagine not seeing it completed…Creature Types Big Book Of Cats.The idea of turning childhood drawings into really cool updated pictures is awesome. But then I learn those childhood drawings were of cat-girls and my world is enhanced. Yours will be too.

Hat Academy. Because who doesn’t want to learn about making a hat? Or in my case…a hatinator?!!

Free Crappy Portraits. If you haven’t visited this site yet, you’re missing out. I drew this one which is exceptionally crappy if I do say so myself. And spending some time rushing through the archives wouldn’t be the worst thing you’ve done to procrastinate. Also…send a picture in to be drawn!! Then an artist (like me!) could send you back a masterpiece reminding you of that one time you were putting shit off and sent a photo to that site…

Epic Rap Battles Of History. OH. MY. GOD. You guys, this is so much fun to watch. As hilarious as a farting and hiccuping cat is, sometimes you need more. I give you this. So stupid and yet kind of not. I love the pairings. Some examples- Justin Bieber vs Beethoven, Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris, and Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is a treat to read but my favorite section is OPEN LETTERS TO PEOPLE OR ENTITIES WHO ARE UNLIKELY TO RESPOND. I want to start doing these kinds of letters.

If you’re interested in fashion, costuming, movies and how they all come together…then this will be HEAVEN. Clothes On Film is a dream. I go there now to find movies I want to watch based on costumes.

Glitter and Doom did a blog post as her dog Tank. HILARIOUS. She also does the best link lists ever. Like lengthy but without all the bullshit I add for fun.

To conclude this list…Slutever’s Potential Poem Titles cracked me up. I love watching her videos too. She is so irreverent and ridiculous which I kind of like. My favorites are

my weave won’t be caught with some stuffed-crust bullshit & girl dies in ferocious scissoring accident

I only wish these titles actually had poems attached.

Tell me if you come across something awesome!


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