Scarlett O’Hara

There are two kinds of people. Those who will stop at nothing to accomplish what they want and those who will end up as collateral damage.

Scarlett has always been a sort of role model of mine. Partly because I knew that when I grew up, I too would be all about the huge party dresses and risqué behavior. Mostly though…Because Scarlett got shit done.

Every time. You can say what you will about what an ass she was. Here, I’ll help point out her flaws

-Stone Cold Bitch




-Self absorbed. So vain, she probably thinks this post is about her. Pffft.

But…here’s the thing…

She pushed harder than anyone AND she accomplished more than anyone.

When others would just sit by and see what happened…Scarlett was a woman of action. When she’s working in the fields and the other girls are complaining….Whaaaat? She is right there with you. She isn’t making anyone do anything she isn’t doing. She is in fact doing even more. More of the dirty stuff that no one else seems to consider an option. They think it’s wrong or too low or too much. Scarlett just sees a piece of the outcome. If I do this…then this happens.

When you’ve been truly poor/hungry/tired you might better understand the insane drive to never let it happen again. Scarlett was always a survivor. But when that drive came in…She excelled. She went past making ends meet, and keeping them safe, and having what she needed. She got what she (thought she ) wanted.

Maybe she does go overboard. Maybe she gets her wants and needs mixed up. Maybe she loses (never had?) the ability to just be content.

But…There is a fire in her. A blaze that makes her do more. A touch of the crazy. She will stop at absolutely nothing to get what she’s after. She lives fearlessly…which we all know means moving past the fear to action.

What always blew me away was all the shit she took for things she did. People were more than happy to quit doing field labor. They were more than happy to be oblivious to the real trials. They enjoyed regaining status and wealth. They loved staying in a delightful little fantasy land where the nastiest of their sins will be complaining and inaction. WHILE SOMEONE ELSE DOES THE DIRTY.

I think we all know these people. The ones who bitch and moan but won’t go further because that would be too much. They have a unique set of values which allow them to cross certain lines within their own set boundaries of right and wrong but judge you for doing the same.

They rate sins committed but have no issue basking in the finished glory. Ew.

I’d rather be Scarlett.

She knew what she was capable of and had no shame. There’s something superior about that attitude. When you can laugh at all the people feeding off your gut wrenching success.

More than that though, I want to stop hesitating. I want to want something and then make it happen. I want to push past boundaries. I want to knock down barriers. I want to live on the edge. I want to get past getting what I need and start getting what I crave.

I want to be Scarlett and I want TO GET SHIT DONE.


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