This Is The Art I Make…No Really, It Is.

There are two kinds of people. Those who are discerning in what they call art and those who could see something artistic in a pile of dog shit.

Now. This may look, at first glance, like a jumbled mess of childish scribbles. If that was your first opinion then I suggest you stick with it. Most likely that opinion won’t change after numerous glances or lengthy stares.

BUT. It could also be one of those pieces that if you stare at it long enough, you see a woman with outstretched arms underneath the murky layers (which I admit are plentiful).

Or perhaps you’ll notice the outline of something much more scandalous in the second one. I certainly don’t know.

And really, its all up to you anyways. It doesn’t matter what was intended or what I think.

I know some will see this and scoff something along the lines of “My 2 year old could make that!” or even better “That isn’t art its shit.”

Some will look and see only black and grey slapped onto white, missing entirely the shades of each or the splashes of lavender.

And some will not. Some will look longer and notice more. They will create something pleasant about the whole thing in their imaginative minds.

That’s the beauty of art – that it is all relevant. Some (me) find the Mona Lisa a bit less then attractive. I’m not alone in that either. I have to look past the face or the color scheme and see the whole picture. The point is, sometimes its not actually about the look of it. Its about the history or the meaning. And the meaning can be anything you like.

Art truly is everywhere. So now I’m interested…what do you see when you look at each picture?


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