Thoughts On Running, From A Lazy Ex Smoker

I started the C25K running program the week of Thanksgiving. I’m super badass I know. I set my schedule for M/W/F so that I wouldn’t have an excuse not to run on the holiday itself. I have no outs.

I’m so glad that I did this. I’m even more glad that I quit smoking (after like 8 years) so that running would be a little less hard. It still feels like every cigarette I ever smoked has morphed into a weeping angel in my chest when I run but…it could be worse….I guess.

The program lasts 9 weeks and claims to turn even the staunchest couch potato into a runner – of 3 miles.

Usually I’m pretty optimistic but its no surprise I doubted this boast. Having chosen this program though because of my lazy smokers history, I held hope.

After 4 days of this…my hope has become a living thing. Swelling up inside of me. Usually at the end of my workout in a flow of vomit. Just kidding.

Its been years since I needed to know proper running form or how to avoid shin splints or the best stretches to prepare for this particular act of fitness.

The C25K program is amazing. It blends the perfect amount of walking and running to get you started and build up your stamina. The free (!) app is a star. You can rock out to your playlist and the instructor interrupts you to let you know what to do next. Perfection.

I won’t be that bitch who says running is soooo easy (even after years of not doing it). Because it was a trial. But…not nearly the torture I had built it up to be over the years.

In conclusion, whatever exercise you’ve built up as terrible (or maybe exercise in general?) is not as bad in reality as it is in your head. It will be hard but it really will be worth it.

Sweating is as fun as it is gross!


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