A Love List For The Classic 9-5 At The Office

It’s really cool right now to be an entrepreneur. It seems people love working from home and starting businesses and network marketing and creative pursuits. I’m one of them. But…

I really enjoy working in the classic office setting too. I LOVE IT in fact. This isn’t to say I don’t find it stifling because sometimes I do. I love being creative and I believe in having multiple sources of income. So no matter what – I’m participating in extra business opportunities and hobbies.

Right now though, I just want to make a list of all the reasons I’m a big fan of the classic work situation.

  • I love going into a place of work where other people are.
  • I love working my way up the ladder.
  • I love when its more of a 8-6 or 9-7.
  • I love working long hours. At the office. Like, “Oh gosh…I can’t go home until this is finished.”
  • I love being in charge. Of the office or even just a team project.
  • I love coming home from a long day at work and how different my personal life is.
  • I love the paperwork.
  • I love answering phones and being so cheerful people feel like total douche bags and start being nice. Or even when they stay assholes. I just love talking on the phone.
  • I love solving problems. Of all sizes but especially the big ones.
  • I love being the person who knows the company inside and out.
  • I love when people call on my days off because I’m kinda the best at something.
  • I love being tired and pushing through.
  • I love being the middleman between higher management and other staff. You have so much opportunity to assist and control at this level.
  • I love being given promotions.
  • I love encouraging and participating with other staff members. The aspect of a team being successful makes me really happy.
  • I love when I have to work overtime or holidays or days off because of a super important project/deadline. But only when shits important.
  • I love all the little friendships formed with all the extra people you get to know like the delivery people, IT, maintenance, cleaning crew, drivers, people in other divisions like HR or accounting, interns, anyone who I regularly see for food and the guy who sells you coffee every morning and knows who you are.
  • I love when you make little friendships with people you’ve never met. But over the phone and email you are always helping each other out. All the extra connections you make.
  • I love being the person to throw birthday or going away parties or leave notes on a big board.
  • I love making my space ridiculously mine.
  • I love going nuts with office supplies. (I’m a Virgo.)
  • I love having to make quick decisions and standing by them either outcome.
  • I love training people and helping them work their way up.
  • I love being the first or last person in the office. When its quiet and the day is just starting or ending. Those two feelings are bliss.
  • I love knowing what needs to be done by when. That I’m being paid a good amount. That I can always try for a raise. That I get benefits. It’s all very secure.
  • I love having work friends. I also like when they turn into just regular friends.
  • I love the additional workshops you can do to stay up on your game. The continued learning required.
  • I love taking work home with me. Mostly in the form of brainstorming and working out solutions or plans.
  • I love making money.
  • I love using whatever pull I have with a company to offer fresh ways to get involved with the community and good causes.

I know that some of these are possible when working from home but it’s not the same. I could write a huge love list for working from home too. Actually I will! I work from home now in fact and am enjoying it. But I’m feeling the itch to go to an office again. To be surrounded by people and getting out everyday. I enjoy having a full business schedule. I’m a people person. Basically, I just love working in general :)

What do you think about working in the classic office situation. Boring? A hellish experience? Or maybe you enjoy it too? Tell me!


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