Those Dreams That Are Still Possible – Make Them Happen

Today I was putting together a playlist for the Couch 2 5K program that I started. The difficulty came when I realized that to make an awesome playlist I couldn’t just load my favorite upbeat running songs. To build up your stamina you alternate between walking and running. This meant I had to alternate my song choices to better suit the mood I was going for.

I totally did it. I made an awesome playlist.It flowed like perfection.

Anyways, this success made me want to be a DJ. Like, all I wanted in those precious moments was to make a swift change in life direction and start rocking peoples worlds with my music combinations. And for that brief pocket of time…this seemed totally plausible. Like I really could have the skill and love for music to be the best DJ ever. It was a beautiful moment.

I thought about it and realized I have moments like this often. And that’s a beautiful thing. Especially when I actually act upon them.

To clarify I’m talking about all the really cool things that technically we still could do. So, its pretty apparent that at my  age, weight and general lack of athletic ability that I will never be an Olympic gymnast or Prima Ballerina. That doesn’t make sense and acting on it wouldn’t realistically make that dream come true. Buuuut…

Sometimes I imagine myself flawlessly and rapidly responding to someone in another language. One that I couldn’t, today, even say hello in. THIS IS A REALISTIC DREAM. And I’m here to tell you those are the best kinds.

Now, I start thinking about how bad I want to learn *insert language here*. I can do something about this right now. I can start learning a language. Thanks to Duolingo I can’t even say its too pricey because its free. So, I start learning German and its awesome. Maybe not life changing at first look but definitely a game changer.

Then…I’m flipping thru Vogue and see a fantastic dress and pretty soon I’m fantasizing about myself in that lovely piece of art. I make some visual changes to better suit me all the while dreaming of being a designer. This is another dream that is wholly possible.  I immediately start sketching out shitty designs and later I will start sewing by hand to get a feel. Later still, I will buy a sewing machine and sign up for the big classes. I’m only dressing myself but that’s really all I wanted. If I did want to go further…if my dream is to become a famous designer than that is a very real possible future for me. There is no limit to when success can happen for a fashion designer. I just need passion.

Usually when we have moments of dreaming for different careers or lifestyles we forget that most people started from scratch. MOST of us aren’t raised bi-lingual. Lots of us didn’t take creative classes in our younger days. Tons of us have lost sight of our healthy selves and are so busy longing for that possible day…we’re doing nothing to make it actually happen. Because it all seems so fanciful. Its not.

But you will have to make an effort. You will have to dedicate your time, small amounts maybe, but still your time and energy. You will have to return from the visualized endgame and think of your warmup.

The other thing is not being super caught up in making this the biggest aspect of your life.

Yes, sometimes when I fantasize about speaking fluent German I’m, you know, in Germany…living there and translating because I’M THAT GOOD.

Real life doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Just do enough to give yourself some mad skill and a sense of pride. I think we’d be pretty satisfied doing even a fraction of what we fantasize about. If we just had some really awesome creative outlets and hobbies. It could become a side or full fledged business but for now…just be happy broadening your horizons.

Now a list.

If you want to be this…then start here…

Actress/Singer – Audition as an extra in a movie or at your local community theater, Sing Karaoke, Offer to sing the National Anthem at local games or in a church choir. Make YouTube videos. Create Talent Night at a bar or put together a Shakespeare in the park with other like minded individuals.

Multilingual – Learn another language. Easy. If you have time and funds take a class at a college or adult school. Otherwise use Duolingo. Buy MP3 versions and listen while commuting. Watch your absolute favorite film in the language of choice. This is really fun because you’ll actually feel like you understand whats being said!

Writer – Write. All the time. Start a blog. Send pieces to online magazines or other big name bloggers. Approach the local paper with an awesome column idea…that you could totally be in charge of!, Write reviews for everything. Write a play for the local theater, Write a screenplay…for YouTube AND Hollywood. Write and self publish a book. Write funny poems or greeting card tidbits. Offer your editing services on a site like TaskRabbit.

Athlete/Dancer/Fit or Healthy Person – Join a town sports league. Take a class. Join a gym with a buddy. Strictly take fun fun classes at a gym. Start a fitness program (like C25K) to get in shape starting slowly. Learn to cook. Do chair yoga. Buy a pedometer to count your steps. Have mini dance parties. Learn to properly breath while being active. Lift a can of corn.

Musician/DJ – Watch videos on YouTube. Take a class. Practice. Have a house party to show off. Play at bars or other parties. Play in the park. Make playlists that rock and post them to 8tracks. Share them with everyone you know. Send them to people who know about music. Offer to run the mike/DJ at karaoke bars. Start a band with (new) friends by posting to Craigslist!

Artist/Crafter – Just start playing around with stuff. Add feather trim to a shirt. Paint a table top with glitter. Paint a giant abstract for the living room. Open a Zazzle shop. Get a graphics tablet and play around. Take pictures. Edit pictures. Learn to knit. Make jewelry with stuff found at Home Depot. Volunteer to make stage props for theater productions. Offer to illustrate a book. Find what you like best and go nuts with it.


The most important thing here is to start with something that you would like to be really awesome at one day. Because a year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today.

Know that you might be satisfied keeping this new found joy as a hobby but it very well could turn into your flow for cash too. Nothing will happen if you don’t just make the time and put in the energy.

Did I miss anything on the list? What is a dream that you have that you could start fulfilling today?


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