Gifts That Keep On Giving

Educational is an amazing resource for someone who uses technology regularly. Everything can be specifically selected to suit their exact needs. Price starts at $25 (after free month trial) and there’s no commitment. With subjects covering Photography, Software, Developer, Web, Video, Animation, Design and Business anyone (especially bloggers ;))could benefit.

Lectures– I learned of these from Casee Marie. You can pay to get lectures from the big professors at the big schools. So for the constant student with dreams of learning about that one random thing from a place as grand as Harvard…they can. Just upload to your iPod and hear all about Greek Mythology from a expert while commuting. They offer classes on clearance if you’re looking for a cheaper gift.

Adult schools offer classes for dance, language, music, sewing, gardening, art & really so much more. You can pay small fees for someone to take a class and become a master of the basics for something they’ve always wanted to learn.

Annual Pass 

This one is location dependent. Pick the most awesome surrounding place of fun, based on the recipients interests, that offers an annual pass. These are fabulous. The point isn’t that they get used often but that for a whole year they have an inspiring place to just waltz into and be inspired or full of excitement. A real live happy place.


-Theme/Adventure/National Park



-Local tours

-Community Theater

-Sports Team

 Membership Discount

This is the perfect gift for those shoppers in your life. Lots of stores offer discounts with memberships. A Barnes & Noble membership costs $25 and it pays for itself if they’re a regular shopper. Another option is something online, like Amazon Prime which has numerous benefits. If you know places they love to spend money just ask if they offer any member deals. This can be pretty cheap too. I think a Sally’s Beauty membership is about $5. You can get a couple or just one, either way its an exciting gift for anyone who loves a good deal!

 Monthly Service

This has so many options available! My personal favorite…DJ Lucy Wrubel’s Mix of the Month club. For $25 dollars you get set up with an amazing playlist that bursts into your ears like a party. Every month. If she’s into fitness then something health related like a personal trainer or gym membership. There are so many delightful monthly box services like Birchbox (makeup samples) or magazine subscriptions. There are wine and cheese of the month clubs for the person who likes to try new things. There is pretty much a __of the month club for everything. You just have to search it out. If they don’t have Netflix…surprise them by purchasing or upgrading their service. The list could go on…just be creative.

Sometimes the funnest gifts are the ones that keep on coming and that broaden your mind! Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions.


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