I’m Writing A Novel In 17 Days

How I only JUST heard about National Novel Writing Month, called NaNoWriMo, is beyond me. This is totally something I would have jumped on. Like on day 1 when it made sense. But I didn’t hear about it until now. Sooooo, do I wait until next November? Do I try to hold myself accountable on some random month like December? No. I write the fucking novel in the 17 days I would have left. Woooo!

Really though, don’t think I’m not taking this seriously. I am driving across country this month. That will take at least 4 days. I have to prepare for said move which will take…shit…lots of my time. And Oh yeah, writing a novel is probably the most terrifying thing I could ever try to do. I don’t know if I could handle the humiliation. And how could this not be humiliating?

Having said all of that…this is good.

When I started this little blog it was to help me cut the bullshit with writing. Elsewhere I would edit and rewrite and edit and then…never publish. I wanted a place where I wasn’t trying. Trying to be good, impress people, change lives, or fit in a box. That means that some of what I write here is bad. In fact, a lot of what I write here is bad or at the very least mediocre. Which can be hard for me but is also a huge relief. Like it’s not a secret anymore. I’m not trying to be the best I just want to write.

This whole writing 50,000 words in 17 days is hopefully going to be like that. It will force me out of my comfort zone. I won’t have time to try because I’ll barely have time to write as it is. It will be word vomit. Glorious word vomit. I have a story to tell so I’ll tell it. It might be total shit but I no longer care.

I was thinking about what I could possibly write. What type of story I would tell. I though it would elude me, that I’d be stuck with nothing for days at least. But no. I have it. Its dark and I have a feeling that’s why this will work. Because it’s coming from somewhere deep.

I’m telling you this so that if I fail to complete…my humiliation will know no bounds. You should join too!!


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