Love In The Time Of Catastrophe

“Just give me love and I can battle anything…”

“There are 2 kinds of people. Those who feel stressed about experiencing a crisis with the love of their life and those who know its the only way to go.”

Its November 2012 which means I’ve been watching scary movies lately and some people predict the world is about to end soon. I might have freaked out momentarily. This is about that.

So you know that scene in the movies when the world is going to shit and the camera focuses on two people (who are obviously in love). They look at the the destruction coming towards them, then at each other. The look they share is full of every spoken and unspoken conversation they could ever have, love that will ensure they find each other in whatever afterlife awaits them and again in case you missed it…LOVE. They then reach out slowly to hold hands and face the end together.

That elusive thing we spend so much time actively searching for. Its my opinion that we search for love for times such as this. Crisis. Okay, not just that.

The majority of the time I am fine being single. Truly I am. I am of the mind that you should take advantage of singleness and so I do whatever I want and better myself. Because I do plan on being with someone eventually and don’t want to look back on these years as “That time I was alone…for a long time…searching for you.” Ew.

There are times when I get a craving to be in a relationship. Or just to know what love is (queue Foreigner). The cravings fluctuate and change depending on circumstances. This is normal in case you’re wondering.

BUT. When I become panicked about being alone its always when I think of times of crisis. I’m not talking about small wonders. I mean the zombie shit. Apocalyptic times. Titanic style drama. I want to at least have a hand in mine so I can choose to let go dammit! I want love in the time of catastrophe.

Not familial love. Or a best friend in the whole world love. But the kind of love that completes you. The kind where it’s okay to die because, hey, we found each other. I’ve experienced what I was put on this earth to experience. All is well. Even with a virus blowing on the breeze that will make me eat the flesh off of the neighbor…I’m so glad we met.

Back to the movies. What you don’t see amidst couples grasping for each others hands or families clutching at each other, or that nut tragically smiling into the distance (at the same time as their lover somewhere else) is the single person with a panicked look on their face staring ahead and knowing true doom. Because shit just hit the fan and they are ALONE.

I am misguided perhaps. Led astray by Hollywood. But it seems that I could face anything in love. Right? Like its fine eating alone and never having a plus one and having a pink bedroom because you can…but…You don’t wanna die that way. Without someone by your side. Without that peace. I’d much rather have the meteor hit while I’m in an ugly brown and hunter green room that I share with the love of my life.

That’s what separates the people alone and the people attached. That sense you get of either peace or panic. The look of mind racing terror for things unaccomplished or content with the end love.

When do you freak out about being single?


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