The Lady Moves…

The way she dresses isn’t the half of it. Ya’ I love her style. But it’s so much more than that really. I know girls who let themselves go and they say they’re comfortable in their slouchy sweats and messy ponytails. They don’t look comfortable though. They look frumpy and lurkish moving about like they can’t be bothered anymore. My girl though…she looks comfortable in anything. That’s confidence you know? She looks just as sexy in those sweats and ponies as she does in her flouncy dresses.

I like to watch her. She makes getting ready for anything a process. I’ve been with ladies who just sort of get ready but her….no, no….she floats about the place primping. It’s how she makes every movement with a languid kind of grace. She doesn’t just put her hair up, she slowly starts moving it around on her head and sweeping her arms all around herself to do whatever it is she’s doing. Anyone else and you’d realize there was a purpose to her actions, but with her…she’s just touching herself. She doesn’t just take it down at the end of the day either. Never that. She releases whatever it’s in and slowly shakes out her dark hair, smiling at me in the mirror, as I watch. Wicked and innocent all in one.

Her cat does something to make her laugh as she’s putting on her lipstick. She pauses mid-swipe to throw her head back and laugh. You can’t help but laugh with her. Some could look garish with this…half lipstick covered and laughing from somewhere deep. But she just makes me think of sex and everything after.

Seeing her put on clothes is like watching her masturbate. She’s holding things up to her and sliding her hands along her body. Swaying her hips and humming. Always humming. Her eyes are closed for half of it. Just feeling what’s in her hands on her body. It’s like to put me in a trance when she moves. Slipping clothes off, she would never yank. A dress slowly unzipping, a bra strap sliding casually over a shoulder. Whether she’s leisurely rolling thigh highs or socks on her legs my jaw goes slack. Like she has all the time in world to take something off or put it on…like she always knows I’m watching her. Like it’s all for me.

I know it’s not though and that’s what makes it perfect. I’ve come upon her unexpectedly and halt in my tracks because she’s doing it all alone. Being that sexy, confident creature who moves like a slow motion dancer. She’s aware of the affect she has on people. But it wouldn’t matter. I swear she’s seducing herself more than any of us.

Constantly touching, grazing, making throaty noises, and moving. How could I not be entranced? How could I not want to touch her too? I read sometime that you should treat yourself how you want others to treat you. That’s how she does. And I wanna treat her real good…


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