Anna Karenina

I am thrilled that I’ll soon be able to watch the newest Anna Karenina movie. Stunning fashion & beautiful cinematography. The music will most likely be shiver inducing and its directed by Joe Wright who is a genius. In all the excitement I decided to reread the book. Wow. Not my smartest move.

Notice how all the thrilling aspects of the movie had to do with visual or hearing….That’s because none of that is in the fucking book.

Its been said that Anna Karenina is “the best novel ever written” to which I reply…”That person must have only read this and Steven King stories. How sad.”*

Now I looooove drama. I really truly do. Adore it. And this story is chock full of Draaaaaaaaama Boooooombs!! (LSP) Normally I would be in heaven. As it stands it feels a bit more like purgatory. Not quite hell and I can see heaven just might happen but then….I’m just there. In purgatory.

With all of the scandal and politics and He loves me He loves me not and attempted suicide and real death and DESIRE and foreshadowing- it has so much possibility to be fast paced and gripping. But….its a Russian classic. Which means that it is sloooooow. And very wordy. (Like this post?)

For instance- when I read the scene where **Anna kills herself- I had to reread the page describing it like 3 times. To be sure she was actually killing herself. That it had actually happened. Not because I was in shock or grieved but because I was genuinely confused. It was so wordy and she was so full of stuff to say (Like 4 sentences- after she was in front of the train but before death-who has time for that shit when a train is coming?!) that I was a bit lost. Maybe I’m a product of a too graphic society and this was just explained so prettily I didn’t even realize. Like when a breakup is so kind and loving…you don’t even know you were dumped. That’s what this was…768 pages in we get dumped in such a sweet fashion we still think we’re together…but we’re not because she’s dead.

Having said all that. This very well could be the best story ever written. And with all of the grandeur of the film I think it could be the best movie. At least of 2012. I have high hopes.

I think seeing the story unfold so attractively on screen will bring forward at least a glimpse of the intense tale that Tolstoy put together. A story so raw and heartbreaking, so full of love and loss, and of the impact society has on our decisions. But in a way that everyone has a hope of understanding. When we have all most of our senses engaged we see things so much clearer. That is what this movie will do. Allow us all to see something deep from a much sharper perspective. We will be engaged, we will understand, we will be swept off our feet and we will say this is the greatest story ever written. Just maybe not by reading it.

That’s my hope anyway. If not then I hope it will encourage an interest in the book which, while slow and lengthy, is worth your time.

*William Faulkner & J. Peder Zane…so obviously Faulkner didn’t read King but you get the picture.

**I’m not giving a Spoiler Alert warning because this is Anna Karenina and Leo Tolstoy. If you don’t know what happens to Anna…I don’t know what else to say to you. Except that yeah, she dies, and you missed out.


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